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walk through something. rehearse something in a casual way; to go through a play or other performed piece, showing where each person is to be located during each speech or musical number. Let's walk through this scene one more time. See also: through, walk.

walk′-through`. n. 1. a. a rehearsal of a play or other script in which the lines are read aloud while the actions are performed. b. a rehearsal of a motion-picture scene without cameras and often dialogue. c. a perfunctory performance of a role, play, or the like. 2.

walk-through definition: 1. the act of doing something or checking something in order to find possible problems: 2. a set. Learn more.

 · walk through. 1. Perform in a perfunctory fashion, as in She was just walking through her job, hoping to quit very soon. This idiom originally referred to practicing parts in a play at an early .

 · Closed = walkthrough. Hyphenated = walk-through. Open form = walk through. In this case, walkthrough is the correct one. The why is a lot more complicated, and I for one am somewhat confused coming from a closed compound language. Even my spell check on this page is telling me that "walkthrough" is wrong, even if it is right in this s: 4.

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  1. Definition of walk-through. 1: a perfunctory performance of a play or acting part (as in an early stage of rehearsal) 2: a television rehearsal without cameras.

  2. to give advice and instruction to (someone) regarding the course or process to be followed. The manager walked the trainees through their new job duties. Synonyms for walk through. coach, counsel, guide, lead, mentor, pilot.

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