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Sacred Sound

Sacred Sound shares the myths behind the mantras and kirtans, illuminating their meaning and putting their power and practicality within reach of every reader. Each of the twenty-one mantras and kirtans presented includes the Sanskrit version, the transliteration, the translation, suggestions for chanting, the underlying myth, and its modern-day implications/5().

Sound is the First Cause, and through this revelation Sound becomes sacred. Itzhak Bentov points out in his book Stalking the Wild Pendulum: " we can associate our entire reality with sounds of one kind or another, because our whole reality is a vibratory reality.".

Sacred Sound Studios is a project that will be the first of its kind in the world, dedicated to sound healing and creating sacred music. The focal point of this project is a state of the art recording, rehearsal and concert facility which will work alongside a sound healing center that uses innovative spatial technology.

Within the Temple of Sacred Sound you will find the Toning Chambers. There are 4 different and unique Toning Chambers where you can harmonically unite with different sacred sounds. When you enter each of the Chambers, you will hear a background sound that is composed of a mixture of thousands of people. You will also find extraordinary graphics to view in order to enhance your experience.

Sacred Sound. The World is Sound, the World is Dancing with Music. Sound is the primary Creative Force in the Universe. You have probably heard the phrase, “In the beginning was the word,” for many of the world's religious texts agree that it was 'sound' or the 'word' which created the Universe.

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  1. Sacred Sound is a YouTube channel where you can find all the sacred music, mantra, meditation and affirmations. My name is Parash Mani, a music composer and a Therapist.

  2. Sacred Sound Studios Florestral. This Music comes from a place that is Sacred, it is the space within us, that connects us to Truth and to the Divine.

  3. With sacred sounds, the intention of the individual making the sound is to align with Divine Will and higher consciousness. If the world began with the creator God or Goddess making Sound, then the ultimate aim of sacred sound is for the sounder to attempt to unite with this ted Reading Time: 9 mins.

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